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While many of us are preoccupied with wires and balloons ,( coronary  myopia ! )  , our radiology  colleagues are making rapid strides . Let us spend some  time  to understand  how  the myocardial segments  are inflicted the  final insult . We need to realize , there is a pattern  to  this myocardial  end game of scarring and fibrosis.

MRI is the  gold standard to assess the myocardial architecture . It has a role in both assessing the anatomy , function  , perfusion and viability .

how to differentiate ischemic dcm from idiopathic dcm myocardial scar epicardial transmural

  • LV function is assessed  by cine MRI
  • Viability  stud by  delayed enhancement MRI (DEMRI , also called as  LGE- Late Gadolinum enhancement  )
  • Myocardial scar best assessed by DEMRI*
* Why do you require DEMRI to identify scar ?
One can detect scars in plain MRI but contrasts make it better .Hence delayed enhancement in by DEMRI is used  to detect scars.
Is it ischemic  DCM or Non ischemic DCM ?  ( That is the question we commonly ask  
We rely too much on CAG anatomy for this. It can be misleading. Cine MRI with DEMRI  gives the answer straightway with high degree of accuracy  .  CAG is required in all  ,  but if it is normal , or  has insignificant lesions  , the dilemma  of ischemic DCM would continue !)
**Note ,there is one   simple algorithm proposed by the author   to  differentiate  Ischemic DCM from Idiopathic DCM  without MRI – Click here to  Link
Following  scar patterns in DEMRI help us to arrive a diagnosis.
Favors Non ischemic  DCM
  • Mid myocardial scar
  • Epicardial scars
  • Global sub-endocardial scars
  • No scar(Ironically if  no delayed  hyper-enhancement is noted it is likely to be non Ischemic DCM )
Favors ischemic DCM
  1. Regional transmural scars
  2. Localised sub-endocardial  scars
* Ischemic DCM will always involve subendocardium as ischemic wave front goes from sub-endo to epicardium.
examples for Non Ischemic DCM
  • Amyloidosis (Can be restrictive as well )
  • Chagas
  • Fabrys

Why is  scar localisation and Quantification important ?

Apart from differentiating various cardiomyopathies  it has  few clinical implication .

  • Since scar indicates irreversible damage , if extensive  it will  argue  against any re-vascularisation .
  • Scar location becomes vital if we plan CRT .It will be futile  to place a CRT lead over a scar.
  • Scars are often  form a macro re-entrant circuits for VT .Help us localize or zeroing in VT focus.
  • Scar quantification is helpful risk stratification of patients  with HOCM .and their family.
Final message
Myocardial scar location and quantification  is the new mantra in a  patient with dilated heart with cardiac failure.
It may be more important than even a coronary angiogram .MRI  will prevail over   any of the available echocardiogram modalities to assess the scar pattern.
myocardial scarring mri

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