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Cardiologists are often confronted with pregnant women in distress with heart disease. Obstetricians promptly refer them to cardiologists.

There is a tendency among cardiologists,  to make fun of obstetricians who  some times  call them for  frivolous  cardiac problem at odd hours  .(Say a VPD in the monitor or a systolic murmur of anemia etc)

Of course  , this   doesn’t mean in any way ,  cardiologists  belong to a superior  species  ! The fact  is  , many  cardiologists fare poorly in their  knowledge about the hemodynamics of pregnancy (Let them prove this wrong !)

A small quiz . . . for all cardiologists

  1. How much of  blood enter the maternal circulation after each uterine contraction during active labor ?
  2. Is the stress of normal delivery is   greater than that of  cesarean section under epidural anesthesia ?
  3. What anesthetic agent is ideal in patients with pulmonary hypertension ?
  4. How safe is  general anesthesia in a hypotensive  , heart disease patient ?
  5. What is the clinical significance of administering IV anesthetic vs inhaled anesthetic in a patient with right left shunt lesions ?

If a cardiologist is able to answer all  these 5 questions correctly without guessing , probably  they have  the right to make fun of obstetricians  or else  they have  to  quietly buy this book and read !

Final message

Every responsible cardiologist  must have good awareness about hemodynamic  stress of pregnancy and the intricacies of obstetrical anesthesia

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