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Human coronary artery anatomy would  rank  top among  all human biological mysteries. The variations in their branching pattern is next only to palmar creases and cerebral gyri !

The left coronary artery can divide in to two , three  or even four branches occasionally.The trifurcation  occurs in upto 20 % of population .The ramus intermedious  can some times be a major division .Usually it supports the diagonal or OM territory.

It is very rare to see a ramus  take a long course . Here  is a patient whose LAD is small  which  falls  short of LV apex . Sensing this , the ramus travels all the way to apex and support the LAD in distress !

RAO caudal view shows the Ramus reaching all the way to LV apex! Note the diminutive LAD and absence of true OMs from LCX.

* Technically  this can  also be  referred to as a rare form of dual LAD system .

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