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aortic dissection how safe is transesophageal echo tee

What is the mechanism of aortic injury by TEE probe ?

It is purely a mechanical  complication . The dissected/aneurysmal  segment   may  encroach the esophagus .The TEE probe if  faces any resistance  at lower esophagus , the procedure is to be abandoned .The false lumen  shares  a  intimate spacious  relationship with   esophagus and the probe can delicately hug the false lumen  ,  can  lift it accelerating the  tear. It is wise to  realise  coughing , retching or vomiting may amplify   the  frictional  force  between esophagus aorta  and the probe .


Risk of aortic rupture during tee in aortic dissection  tran esophageal echo

Final message

I would conclude the  risk  of aortic  rupture is negligible . If gently performed   TEE would remain a  simple ,  cost effective ,   vital bed side investigation inmost  cases of suspected aortic dissection.

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