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The funny thing in medicine is  ,   simpler the  question ,   greater the  difficulty to answer ! f  Clopidogrel  is   an  irreversible blocker of platelet aggregation . It  probably ,  is one  of the top  cardiovascular  drugs  used currently .It came into human domain as an aspirin killer and failed miserably , and currently piggy packing on the ageless aspirin for it ‘s action. The concept of dual antiplatelet agent is a classical example . The fact  that , Clopidogrel can rarely be used as a successful  mono anti platelet agent while aspirin can do this job with flying colors will unmask the secrets of  antiplatelet drug industry .

Do you know ,  this drug which  is considered  as a   great  antiplatelet drug , does  not even, pass the  basic test of   prolonging  the bleeding time  in a consistent fashion  ?

Still , we are not clear why it  does  or does not increase the bleeding time in vitro or vivo in linear  fashion.We have  confirmed this  in simple bedside experiments. (More dogmatic conclusions   can be drawn  in bed side , than those  double-blind studies) . In many patients 300 mg of clopidogrel failed to prolong the bleeding time even by  few seconds ! Surgeons who operate on clopdogelised patients differ  widely in their  experience  when they do emergency surgeries on them .

The issue is very vital  ,  Questions raised  are  critical  !

  • If clopidgorel  has a  notoriously unpredictable impact on prolonging  bleeding  time , Then ,  is it not  dangerous ? ,  for those millions of patients with DES(Drug eluting stents )  who live at at the  mercy of clopidogrel’s   erratic behavior.
  • Cardiology community  never got shocked  ,  even as  in this era of evidence based cardiology , a drug  which is being used for over 10 years without even a basic monitoring strategy for it’s efficacy.
  • Such is the scenario ,  it is not at all a surprise ,   to find a huge population  of DES patients   who  dial 911 or 108  with   sub-acute sent thrombosis  due to  clopidogrel failure and resistance.

Read this article published in one of the prestigious cardio thoracic  journal and comprehend  yourself   about clopidogrel’s controversy .

Final message

End of life , is  looming large on Clopidogrel , but it has done it’ s intended mission : Increasing the basic cost of cardiovascular   care in general population  .

A costly and a   dubious equivalent to  Aspirin   wrote a  phenomenal    success story in the narrow lanes of  medical wall street !

No doubt , it   will face the same fate as Ticlopidine ,   Prasugrel has just landed to repeat the same old story !

The easiest   job  to do  in   this wold is to fooling around   the public

and  it is an  irony medical professionals  and their patients  are  often

the   victims

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