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A 25 year man ,  hotel  manager  who had a documented DVT , since 2011 was on tablet warfarin . He discontinued  the drug by sheer miscommunication as he was told he should stop the  drug  beyond INR 3 by his general practitioner.He stopped it permanently  instead of titrating the dose of warfain .Six months later he landed  in August 2013 with an episode of minor hemoptysis . Clincally he was normal .His lower limbs were fine.

He was investigated and  his image file showed .

pulmonary embolism  3  total occlusion of LPA

pulmonary embolism  3  total occlusion of LPA

pulmonary embolism total occlusion of LPA

Living with one lung

  • He is comfortable with one lung function (Akin to  Pneumonectomy )
  • His saturation was 100 % at room air
  • Pulse -80/mt .BP 110/80mmhg
  • His physical activity  did  not show any significant limitation (At worst class 2)

One of the cardiac surgery consultant wanted to do pulmonary embolectomy and endarteriectomy .

In fact , he was admitted in the critical care unit driven by the dramatic CT images.

One enthusiastic cardiologist wanted  thrombus aspiration and pig tail catheter based thrombolytic  irrigation within LPA !

How did we manage ?

  • The risk of major vascular surgery was considered high in an absolutely asymptomatic individual .
  • Intervention was considered too adventurous.
  • He was  put on oral anticoagulant with target  INR 2.5-3.(After a 1 week Heparin overlap)
  • We hope the thrombotic CTO will open up gradually but for surely .As the power of  natural lytic  molecules should not be underestimated as we have witnessed in LV and LA clot disappearing over months.
  • However the option of putting IVC filter was strongly recommended for him , as he has only  functioning  lung  which  is threatened by a potential  embolus from DVT . The patient wanted to come back for IVC filter next month.
  • He was also worked up for all those protein C, S,  Lieden mutation stuff.
  • The patient was discharged in stable condition (By the way he  was never unstable either !)

* Meanwhile the hemoptysis  did not recur. CT scan showed a small wedge infarct in left lung that was in the healing mode.

Final message

This is a perfect example of  CTO of pulmonary artery being  managed conservatively* .We will let you know the follow up .

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