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Congenital heart disease (CHD) still constitute an significant  subset in cardiology practice.The moment you ask how do you classify CHD  to any cardiologist , the answer  would come promptly as “cyanotic and acyanotic CHD “. Such is the power traditional clinical teaching .
There is a fundamental embryological and functional classification available put forth by Clark.It lifts  our understanding about congenital heart disease to a  different perspective. I wish,every cardiology fellow should know this.
 Link to embryological classification of congenital heart disease .
 A subset for cono-truncal anomalies is also available.
cono truncal anomalies embryology of heartReference
Clark EB. Mechanisms in the pathogenesis of congenital heart defects. In: Pierpont ME, Moller J, editors. The Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease. Boston, MA: Martinus-Nijoff; 1986. pp. 3–11.

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