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When does the high blood pressure befriends blood sugar and instigates the LDL to initiate the vascular damage? Does it sound like vascular astrology? Yes,  welcome to a new world of network medicine, polygenic risk score & computational genomics. Experts believe this is going to be the future of medicine.

Dr. Jospeh Loscalzo, Physician-in-Chief  Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a leader in the field gives a brief introduction.

How to understand these complex subjects? 

We need not bother much in one sense. It’s all made to look complex by big data machines and modern scientific wordplay. It is true, that the power of computing and machine thinking will help us reach hidden secrets in our bodies. However, the bottom line is, If we live a simple. peaceful, worthy, active life we can afford to forget about this sophisticated risk predicting science, which comes loaded with unlimited anxiety. Let the science grow at its own pace.

Imagine the consequence of a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm telling us in advance all the possible future biological adversaries with 100% accuracy.

Final message 

Do you believe in astrology, an ancient Indian science?   No. Never!

Do you believe in network medicine: Yes for sure!


Two good review articles on Network medicine

1.Barabási, A.-L., Gulbahce, N., & Loscalzo, J. (2011). Network medicine: a network-based approach to human disease. Nature Reviews Genetics, 12(1), 56–68. doi:10.1038/nrg2918 




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