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CABG surgery is the commonest cardiac surgery done world wide .Right from the days of CASS study the  CABG was considered a major traumatic surgery to relive a small block in a coronary artery  (Not exactly relief  . . .it  just by-passes )

However , for more than two decades  till early 1990s CABG ruled supreme.Ever since coronary stenting grew in an  exponential fashion  the outcome of CABG  needed scrutiny .Surgeons had a compulsion  to explain  the world , CABG indeed has a  acceptable risk benefit ratio in the management of CAD .

Thus came the EUROSCORE  . First developed in 1995 .The initial score used a simple additive risk next it was modified

with logistic regression .


Can you withhold  a surgery on the basis of high EUROSCORE  ?

Is it scientifically validated ?

EUROSCORE gives us  30day mortality

What is the acceptable EUROSCORE for CABG?


Click to access 1749-8090-4-32.pdf

What is the major limitation for EURO-SCORING system ?

It is ironical the most important determinant of any surgery is  the surgeon’s competence and institutional expertise in handling emergencies  and financial affordability  .They are  not included in the scoring .  This makes the EUROSCORE in most of the developing countries including India a futility .

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