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Sinus node is the electrical high command of our heart .When it gets injured  seriously (or shot down   as in sinus arrest ) there is utter chaos in the lower ranks !

This is what happened  in this patient .

trigeminy group beating vpds sinus node dysfunction escape capture

The lower pacemkers can either passively release  themselves as escape rhythm or actively fire with a  ectopic focus  . Any combination of escape / ectopic  beats can  occur .If occasional sinus beats capture the ventricles things  can become further complicated .

It is obvious , this  random intra-cardiac  shooting  makes the life of the  myocardium miserable . It is a perfect setting for syncope, tachcyardic cardio myopathy , extreme brady induced VT , VF  even SCD.

*Meanwhile , It is  heartening to note  SND   rarely lead to  sudden death in spite of all the chaos .However  extreme  bradycardias  that occur in  complete heart block  does  not enjoy this immunity as fatal complications are common if not intervened .

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