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An attempt is made to look for individual components of cell viability .See the table below. It is a generalized statement for understanding purpose only. Various imaging modalities assess the overall physiology of myocyte function (however  they test  an individual component of a cell more than the other) We may believe an unit of cell would die in “one-go” at times of ischemic injury.Reality is much complex.There is considerable variation in intracellular survival mechanisms . A cell can die in a regional fashion with residual signs of life scattered across among the different organelles. The quantum of damage to Nucleus /mitochondria may appear determine the recovery . The reverse can also happen .What is the purpose of mitochondria respiring if contractile element is totally damaged ? It becomes a “vegetative cell”. The gross discrepancy we are witnessing in myocyte cell function recovery with reference to both acute and chronic reperfusion is attributable to this gap in our knowledge.

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