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What shall we do when encountering a mobile right heart thrombi waiting to get dislodged at any time?

A series of question comes as the answer to this query 

Feeling helpless?  What will be the consequence?

Massive pulmonary embolism?  Can we thrombolyse and dissolve it ?

Logistics of emergency open-heart surgery are too many. What about capturing the thrombus?   A dream thought, now seemingly possible.Inari Flowtriever though made originally for pulmonary embolism can come in handy in any foreign body removal. I think It is approved by FDA. Here is a case report from Dr Gautam reddy.

Other potential use for this device

One more possible indication for Inari device is for capturing large infective vegetation even on the left side .(Currently, the vegetation of more than  15mm is  considered an indication for surgery irrespective of the valve and clinical condition) Inari device might be tried here if there is no need for valve replacement surgery. May be we need to have an aortic filter as well in case of dislodgment while retrieving. There are many capture ,filter devices in the development stage. (Embrella, Claret, & Trigaurd)

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