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We know  new onset LBBB  creates considerable anxiety . We  experienced a  reverse situation recently . A 72 year old  man who is known to have chronic LBBB  for over  5 years came  to CCU with vague  chest  discomfort .

His   ECG  was  perfectly normal . . . every one  was  curious !

My ECG always looked like this doctor  !  Now you say it has normalised and you say it concerns you  ! I am really worried  doctor  !

What does it mean doctor ?

Cardiologist : I do not know . Any sudden change in rhythm even if it is from abnormal to normal is to be given importance .

Patient : Is  the  going bad ?

Cardiologist :  I do not know

Patient : Should I  get admitted ?

Cardiologist : I think so  but you need to undergo few blood tests and repeat an ECG .

Patient : Oh  what ?  you  are not sure either !  Are you not an expert in heart  disease doctor ?

Cardiologist : I think I am . I wish I have an answer to  your question .

Follow up

This patient was admitted in intermediate care ward and observed for 12 hours .

His enzymes and Troponin were negative . Echo showed normal LV function .

He was discharged later and adviced  a stress test .

What is the the mechanism of normal ECG  here ?

Intermittent LBBB due to rate dependency is common .But this  man  had persistent chronic LBBB for > 5 years which got normalized .That mystified us !

Can transient ischemia of left bundle  accelerate  the conduction ?

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