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  • LVH is classically diagnosed with high qrs voltage either in limb or chest leads or both.
  • High voltage is a specific ECG  sign,   presence  of  which  would strongly suggest LVH  ,   absence of which  is not  useful to rule out true LVH.
  • LVH with   flattish  or  down sloping   ST segment ,  with or without  T inversion  , can be a sole presentation of LVH . This should not be taken as sign of ischemia.  Here is  patient  with such an  ECG

Mechanism for LVH without high voltage

  • Intrinsic muscle  electrophysiological  property – Arrangement of muscle fibre orientation  will determine the voltage .(Parallel vs perpendicular, disarray etc)
  • Pathological LVH with fibrotic process and interstitial hypertrophy may not  record high voltage.
  • Presence of  high voltage LVH  would indicate a dominant physiological muscle mass that lacks interstitial reaction.
  • Finally , technical cause like thick chest wall in obese can dampen the LVH voltage.

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