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Traditionally , vegetations are sine qua- non for diagnosing Infective endocarditis.

The following  are major criteria to diagnose IE

  1. Evidence for endocardial involvement in the form of  visible vegetation or New onset regurgitant murmur.
  2. Positive blood culture

There are six minor criteria .

To diagnose IE we need

  • Two major or
  • One major and 3 minor or
  •  5 minor criteria alone

Duke criteria for infective endocarditis



Now ,we realise  IE do  occur in the absence of visible vegetation.This happens because, vegetation can appear late, it is too  small and missed , burroughs inside tissue plane instead of entering cavity , may form  micro abscess or vegetation growth is prevented by prompt empirical antibiotics.

Final message

Vegetation is still a prime sign  to diagnosis of IE. However , please do not insist  on it .There can be significant endocardial infection  without formation of vegetation.The current criteria allows us to make a diagnosis of IE without documenting a clear cut visible vegetation.


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