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William  I am Harvey first discovered human circulatory system in the year 1628 .Published his work in  De Motu Cordis” (otherwise known as “On the Motion of the Heart and Blood”) as a 72 page booklet in Frankfurt book fair. The world of medicine changed  forever , and new system of human circulation was born.

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Who first invented human circulation william harveyExcerpts  from   Chinese classic of Internal medicine , written  2000 years before William Harvey,

All the blood is under the jurisdiction of the heart .Twelve blood vessels are deeply hidden between the muscles and cannot be seen.Only on the outer ankles are visible because there is nothing to cover. All other blood vessels that are on the surface are  veins. The harmful effects of wind and rain enter the system first through the skin , being conveyed to the capillaries. When these are full , the blood goes in and turn empty into the big vessels .The blood current flows continuously in a circle and never stops


Of course , this in no way takes credit away from any body .William Harvey collected  every data on circulation available at that time , and  came with that classic De Moutu Cordis ,  the importance of which is undisputed. But ,history time and again tell us there are silent restless brains pondering over important  concepts all over the globe .Whoever has the access to scientific  facility , proves the same  point ,  publishes first and gets attention . After all thoughts are never rewarded in human domain ! (God , does it I guess  !)


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