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HCM is due to  hereditary mutation of myocyte sarcomere .The molecular defects are  located  in  myosin, tropomyosin, titin .Depending upon the protein  involved the hypertrophy can be regional or localised.

Non obstructive types most often involve tropomyocin mutations. Obstructive types predominate with myosin mutations.

HCM types

Non obstructive

  • Simple ASH
  • Apical HCM


  • LVOT
  • Mid ventricular

When the hypertrophy is in the LV apex there is little hemodynamic consequence

Apical HCM can still be prognostically and practically  important even though there is no  hemodynamic impact.

  • Arrhythmic risk persist(Any focal hypertrophy can be substrate for reentry due to slow conduction)
  • More  importantly  apical HCM is the commonest myocardial condition mistaken  for unstable angina  and they wrongly enter the ACS protocol and might land up in cath lab tables as well !

Always remember  high voltage qrs with deep T wave inversion (90 out of 100 times)  is due to  myocardial pathology not ischemic.


  • Reassurance (First advice is,  not to search for more information from the internet ! It may confuse them !  )
  • Just follow up with yearly echocardiogram .Follow up the siblings too.
  • Marriage counseling . (Not contraindicated )
  • Holter monitoring or  extended loop recording may be done to  detect any sub-clinical of arrhythmias.
  • Beta blockers are generally not indicated  routinely  may be given if family history of sudden death .



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