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I stumbled upon a TV reality show where a mother of a child  was crying inconsolably ,whom she lost when it fell  into a open  bore-well pit .She was blaming it as her fate and the hole was sent by Lord Yama (God of death )

I  just got  curious ! This article was written  in a flash.

I used to get questions from anxious parents  of  children with holes in the heart .(Asymptomatic small VSDs or ASDs  who come for  periodic echo-cardiograms) .I reassure and  convey  the message , most of these  holes are tiny and will close automatically and they need not worry.Even if it doesn’t, it poses little problem.


asd clsoure

But .after watching  that haunting TV show, I have started to warn  the parents  that  holes in the heart may not be that dangerous  but  be wary of  holes in the roads  and unclosed bore wells  in our country !

Every single parent was amused  with  my statement  ! Some how it appeared sense to me !

I made a mini google research. It is estimated thousands of bore-wells are dug every day and kept open in allover the country side .It is like live land mines .  Some press reports  suggest at least one child dies in India every day due to uncovered bore-wells and man holes ! (May be really true !)

The following are  some of the  samples.


borewell deaths 4

One more

borewell deaths  3


You can understand the gravity of the problem , one engineer has devised a special  child retrieval Robot for such accidents.

baby snare bore well cath lab snares asd vsd device av loop how to snare a device


A news report  in Times of India  .What shall we do about these ?

asd vsd borewells pits holes in the heart

It is a horrific truth in this  civilised world .Nature creates  holes  in the heart due to defective gene in some . It appears  less dangerous to me. After all a hole in the heart  threatens only one life,while  a hole in the road  kills many people.

As a cardiologist  , I am saying  this with anguish as our  team  along with  surgeons  work  over time to close intra-cardiac  holes  with device ,  the  holes in the road are often  callously  kept open   forming   death traps  for our children .The men responsible for such things deserves no  pardon.

The story is never ending . . .

borewell deaths 2

Doctors are not just the  noble professional who provide relief  from  illness . They  have  other social responsibilities  too !
I believe ,  as physicians bound by Hippocratic  oath , we should  help tackle issues that threaten  our pubic health  system , especially in this case were the victims are  vulnerable children !
In fact ,  pediatricians should come forward to work with Govt to  improve safety  issues for children  and  orthopedicians  should help  prevent road traffic accident while  cardiologists  shall  work with the Govt to prevent  heart disease . . .  etc etc .
Though  bore-well deaths are  a pan India  phenomenon , One state in India ( TN)   has taken a   new initiative recently  and has  banned digging  bore-wells without prior permission and stipulated strict guidelines .Others can take a cue from here !

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Life  is nothing , but the intervening time between the first heart  beat and the last heart beat of an individual  !

Human heart is not an ordinary organ.  Right from the day 22  of fetal life , when the cardiac jelly  begins to beat till  the early  new-born period ,  (In some, even longer !)  it continues to evolve.

We know  heart as a hemodynamic organ . But ,  in the fetus   it is  dynamic in  a  different sense (Embryo-dynamics) . As the mother’s  heart  takes care of the fetal circulation ,  the fetal heart concentrates  on it ‘s  own growth  .The heart learns the  lessons of life in a hard way  , it has to survive the next 70 -80 years independently .

The complexity is enormous . The cardiac muscle  comes  from  mesenchyme, the conducting system  comes from ectoderm .Systematic  events  like , looping  , partition  , regression  of the heart tube should occur at critical times .  Apart from this , the venous and arterial  connections ( Aorta IVC,SVC)  develop concomitantly and has to fuse with respective  chambers without any error.

It is a wonderful biological marvel  happening inside every fetus without the help of any architect  !

The changes do not stop at birth. It continues , well  after delivery . One  hole gets closed(PFO), one conduit disappears (PDA) .One chamber regress (RV) . We, expect all these things to happen in a  meticulous and  sequential  way.

Yes , it happens in most. But , in many with altered bio – genetic forces  things   fail to unfold  in  the programmed way.    It is not at all a surprise ,  to find some common aberration .

So , when some body is born  with a congenital heart defect , don’t blame  it on God .He does his job , in billions and billions of heart in the right manner .

It is our ancestral gene  code that gets awry in a few  !

In Hindu  philosophy  the  defects  we inherit  are the wages we pay for our ancestral misdeeds  .

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