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 21’st  century  Human beings  on the road !

                              A scene  from  Jaipur’s   main commercial  road

Lame  ducks on the road !

             My all time  favorite  news photograph taken  from a Tamil  daily Dinakaran

An After thought

In this fast and furious world ,  the medical profession  too suffers from the same disarray like  the  Jaipur traffic !

  • Let  us prey  for the   Noble professionals  to be  blessed with  more   discipline,  character , conduct  and  knowledge ( yeh . . .knowledge  ranks  last and least !)  .
  • Let us be focused on task .
  • Let us  also  prey for the strength to differentiate  facts from fiction,  distinguish trivia from  the momentous.
  • And finally let us  have the courage to follow the truth !

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