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Heart and kidney work in tandem and share a close functional relationship  during health and disease.Progressive cardiac failure causes kidney function to deteriorate,what we call it as cardio -renal syndrome.Similarly, progressive renal disease inflicts either a reversible /irreversible LV dysfunction .The mechanism of  LV dysfunction has not been fully decoded. It is primarily biochemical mediated but at later stages it can be irreversible and structural damage can occur.

We believe uremic  micro molecules leaking from plasma  into cardiac Interstitium  (Myocardial proteinuria ?)  are somehow responsible for the progressive LV dysfunction. Now ,  we have new evidence for albumin – carbon interaction  possibly at myocardial level due to formation of carbamino albumin (C-alb) .

This paper from  Kidney International (2015) 87, 1201–1208;  highlights this new finding .

C-Albumin carbamylationElevated C-albumin is a new  marker for this unique , still not fully understood  entity  “Uremic cardiomyopathy”.

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