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Mankind’s  elusive pursuit of happiness  has an  interesting relationship with human physiology.The recent research  from  Princeton  university has confirmed a concept about the relation between  happiness and the economic well being .It was strange it exactly mimicked a famous physiological concept involving hemoglobin and oxygen.

Two simple questions were asked

  1. Can money bring happiness to life ?
  2. Is there a linear relationship  between money  and happiness ?

The answer to the first question is  “yes” it can.

The answer to second  looks complicated but , it is actually simple !

The relationship between money and happiness is  linear initially  , till it  hits the flat  section of  the curve  at 75000$ /year . (In India it may at 12,0000 lakhs/year)

Like hemoglobin , which   gets saturated  with oxygen  at  Pa o2 of  90  %  ,

Beyond  a particular point , however much you increase  your salary , the  mind can not be enriched with further happiness !  , as all the happiness receptors  get  saturated !

Link to Princeton university paper

Another  curious phenomenon is ,  the more time you spent  in pursuit of happiness less likely you get it  !

(The following  illustration  is from the original Princeton paper which i got from  NDTV  website )


Hemoglobin Oxygen dissociation curve

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