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Dear Cardiologist, why don’t you spare that extra minute in cath lab?


Suddenly  . . .  a primitive ,  common sense based question is asked!  How many seconds are required to optimally dilate and deploy the coronary stent ?

This simple and elegant study from the prestigious CCI journal tries to answer.

cci journal ptca pci balooln inflation time


  • 105 patients, 150 lesions , Three different stents were used
  • Cypher Select (55%)  , Xience V (30.%), Taxus Liberté (15.%)
  • Three  balloon inflation timing
  • 5, 15, 25 seconds
  • Complex lesion (B2) formed 26 %

balloon inflation time pci ptca


This paper concludes, duration of stent balloon inflation has a significant impact on stent expansion. Stent deployment for >25 sec is recommended.

It again keeps the vital answer to our guess! Can we inflate it for 60 seconds  ?

Final message

This seemingly simple paper conveys a strong message.

Time is every thing , . . . we have to be fast . . . where we need to  (Time is muscle)  and we have to be slow where we  need to*  



Further questions ?

  1. Can post dilatation be as  efficacious   as that of  stent- balloon  dilatation ?
  2. In difficult lesions  , the sum of  “Pre  / Per / Post”  balloon dilatation  gives  us net inflation  time(NIT)  Does it  add any sense to our understanding of optimal stent deployment  ?

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