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A pulse wave is generated  with each heart beat  when  the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.

  • For the pulse wave  to travel from the heart to periphery  Aortic integrity is vital.
  • The pulse wave travels through the walls of arterial tree  , in the process the wall itself is set into oscillations .
  • Whether the  moving blood imparts the  pulse  on the walls or the walls itself  vibrate  independently is not clear .

The following   M -Mode  echocardiogram  of  aorta from young man   stunningly  documents  the  morphology  of  central aortic  pulse  wave . Note how closely it resembles the  Intra- aortic  pressure curve recorded with a catheter.

The anterior aortic wall motion was sliced from the above motion image  to create a non invasive recording of aortic   pulse wave

This simple observation was made in  a crowded  echo lab our hospital. Cardiology fellows can explore  further  ,  the link between aortic pulse transduction (From mechano -hemodynamics)

Further studies are warranted regarding the  rate of raise (Slope)  of aortic  wall motion  , and the quantum of motion ,its correlation with central aortic pressure etc. This would unravel the the mechanisms  of Isolated systolic  hypertension  , where a stiff aorta amplifies  the systolic pressure due to loss of elasticity .

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