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Coronary artery disease  can be termed  as   “New age plague” afflicting the mankind  !  It  probably has killed ( or Killing ) as  many lives  as   most other diseases  put together.  Why  only a section of  our  population is vulnerable is  not fully  understood .

We are familiar with coronary risk factors for too long  . . . still  . . .

We do not understand why 50% CAD occur in people who have no known coronary risk factor !

There has been propositions and dispositions  of various risk factors .  The latest one is  the  Air pollution. This is quiet interesting,  as air is the staple food of human survival . We  eat , drink ,  (Rather inhale )  about 500 ml /of  air every   3  to 4 seconds  for 24 hours a day for 365 days  , for our life time !

Does the air we breath reach the  largest cardiovascular  organ namely the vascular endothelium ?

Yes definitely  ,  not only it  reaches   the endothelium but also injures it  (When it contains gases other than oxygen  )  .While tobacco  is a well established  endothelium  destroyer , it is no surprise   community smoking ( Air pollution !)  will do the same job  with perfection .

What are the proposed toxins in the air pollution that harm the endothelium ?

It is a mixed  masala gas out there  over  our   polluted cities ! .(Atmosphere,  Industrial, Automative ,Domestic, Human , and other invisible  sources ) We need to analyse further to answer this question authentically .

Though , common sense  is  enough   to establish the  link between air pollution and CAD. We have  lots of evidence coming up  . . .



Further research

We will be shortly reporting our experience with endothelial  function assessment  in traffic police population of our city Chennai  ,India .

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