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Gynecologists  do have  interactions with cardiologists  frequently  in their day to day practice.In fact ,  in any big hospitals cardiologist consult  invariably happen every day . In our institute  fellows visit the maternity ward almost daily to give opinion   about a cardiac issues .  These are mainly emergencies like  breathless   rheumatic heart  patient  in labor , A DVT to R/O pulmonary embolism,  women  with prosthetic valve waiting for delivery, and a  women with LV dysfunction posted for hysterectomy  etc.

While it is common  for  our  Gynec colleagues to call us in  emergencies ,   and we do have a cardiac clinic every week ,  it is rare to discuss broad based practice  issues. There is little inter departmental  brain storming sessions.

Here is an excellent initiative from  European union where they have  created consensus document for reducing  cardiac risk  in peri menopausal  women.(http://eurheartj.oxfordjournals.org/content/28/16/2028.full.pdf+html)

The beauty of this document lies in the succinct practice points written in every  page .

In India , even though premier bodies like cardiological  society of  India  exits it rarely  considers bringing about such guidelines  in collaboration with other scientific bodies . ( To be  more precise  . . .they  do not have their own guidelines either ! )

I believe , FOGSI  (Federation of Obstetrics and gynecologists society of India ) is doing a much better job and they have created exclusive guidelines in O & G.

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