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Radiation injury to coronary artery  is rarely given a thought , in spite of   prolonged fluro-scopic time  during  many complex angioplasties.While the cardiologists are fully protected the patient’s heart takes on the brunt of the attack.

What happens to the coronary endothelium -metal interface when X -rays pass through it ?

It is well known the radiation delivered to a tissue is many times  amplified if a metal interface is present. Further , the metals can produce heat on exposure to radiation . This absorption and heat varies with different metals .

The radiation injury to coronary endothelium  could be  significantly higher with DES , as the polymer in it absorbs more radiation than the bare metal stent. This could be responsible for late complications of DES.

The above  concept (unproven though !) is  proposed  by  http://circ.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/full/104/5/e23 .In this study Gold coated coronary stents were found to be less safe than conventional stent

It may take many years to know the truths  about  radiation injury caused by  of coronary stents  .

But always remember , unproven concepts are  not synonymous with wrong concepts !

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