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Myocardial scars remain forever ! It forms the focus for many chronic  ventricular tachycardias following MI. A healed scar is not often benign . It blocks the electrical wavelets and deflects into multiple directions some of them may reenter and form re-entrant VT .

This scar fascinated  one man from Holland -De Bakker . . . his quest for myocardial  scars produced this excellent paper .

No one  can do  such a meticulous work  today !

He did a extraordinary  study with the scarred  papillary muscle of infarcted myocardium . It included stunning histo-pathological analysis .He found for the first time , how the scar  even though mechanically idle conducts in multiple directions that precipitate the arrhythmias


We need to classify myocardial scar for understanding better the VT circuits. The newer imaging like Carto system can help us in imaging the ventricular scars.


A rough approach for myocardial scar classification could be .


  • Epicardial
  • Endocardial
  • Transmural


  • Predominantly endocardial
  • Predominately epicardial

Septal scars



Posterior scars

*With or with out Pap Muscle

Based on thickness and volume**

Small< 2CC  >5CC

Intermediate up to 10cc

Large >20cc

**Scar volume

Based on electro-physiological properties

  • Inert
  • Inducible
  • Spontaneous with clinical VT

Based on Metabolic activity

PET matched


Scars with reference to vascularity

  • Vascularised scars
  • Avascular scars
  • Revascularised scars

Further modification of the scheme by the readers are welcome


Clinical implication of scars apart from arrhythmias ?

CRT lead positioning



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