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American journal of epidemiology in a land mark analysis has found ,  spouses  share the same profile of  coronary  risk factors .This is  a huge finding , considering  the fact that , genetic factors are not involved here . So ,  it is something to do with family diet ? domestic issues, sibling effect ?

It is well-known  lipid profile of   family members  are comparable . There are  many Indian families who have high basal triglycerides .Mind you,  husband and  wife is the least (Zero link)  linked genetically for familial dyslipidemia ,still they often share a similar lipid profile

Related issues  without answers !

When a spouse gets a coronary event what are the chances of  other to develop an event ?

Any body’s guess

In this era of  bi- polar family life,   can spouse behavior /unrest  be a  coronary risk factor ?

Yes . No surprises here  .Apart form passive  domestic smoking  which is a  well established coronary risk factor , in our coronary care unit ,  an initial survey of acute coronary syndrome patients revealed ,  a recent quarrel with their spouses,   was a  potential trigger for ACS.  Further analysis of these  data is being done

Spouse Ego : A powerful health risk

Divorce and coronary events ?

These are hypothetical observations  in few families  we  have come across .

  • Forced divorce can be  a definite coronary risk factor
  • Consensual divorce is not .
  • Women seeking divorce is more a risk  for men than  they  inflict on women

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