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Blindness  brings  doom to most life situations , paradoxically it is supposed make us wiser in medical research .

We are made  to  believe , the shrewdness and the accuracy of  a study is directly related to the  degree of blindness .

Is blindness  such a great thing ?

The fact that medical research requires  tight  blindness  for  maintaining  truthfulness  ,    implies  there is a  huge   potential   for contamination  by vested  vision .

Our experience suggest  the purpose of blinding a study has entirely a different meaning in today’s world.

Telmisartan  is non inferior to  Ramipril  proved  by a double blinded RCT screams a headline in a popular journal !


Some of the definitions of blinding

Single blinded study

Patient does not know  . . . doctor knows

Double blinded  study

Both the  patient  the doctor  do not know what is the study the researchers knows it .

Triple blinded study

The  Researchers , the doctors and the patients   . . . no one knows what they are doing . Then who will know it ?

Please  be  reminded ,  few powerful men are always awake  to  manipulate the study.

Other forms of blindness (Cortical blindness !)

Who decides  which drug to be compared to which  drug   . . .  we are blinded

Who decides in which country the study  is to be  done  . . .   we are blinded

Who  appoints the principal investigator  . . . we are blinded

Who is steering the steering committee   . . . we are blinded

Who is going to  liaison with the journal editors for publishing the study   . . . .we are blinded

For the practicing doctors  the  blindness often  continues   even  after publishing the trial as vital information are with held.

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