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April-May  is  carnival time in India . . . cricket carnival.  In IPL  . . . Indian premier league , eight teams  will fight for the cup . IPL 2013  became a  smashing  hit  , until  last week  when  three players were arrested for  spot fixing in  an  over . And for the past 10 days the entire Indian  media has gone into  manic reaction over it !

Still ,  the  sport was wonderful , the skills shown were extraordinary , and what happened  was an aberration just like in  any other aspect of life  .  IPL is perfect mix of  sports , business , commerce and some sleaze .  Actually in a successful  business model  , one should actually be surprised  if  corrupt  practices  does not occur !

The game of cricket can never be killed by money !  The way  the issue was handled by  the media and the  reactions and public debates   for me  looks irrelevant . Is it justified ? 

We the people and media has  much much important things to do in India !

scandals in india

Fixing a Fix  . . .

Politicians fix voters by giving money !
CBI is fixed by Government  for money  !
Media  fixes  news  for money !
Students of the noble profession are desperate  to  fix examiners with  money !
Finance ministry’s  annual budget  is fixed by business tycoons !
Private medical colleges fix entrance exams after getting money !
Super powers fix  terrorists selectively  for money for self benefits !
Drug companies  fix doctors with  money !
Doctors  fix  labs  by  getting money !
Anxious parents try to  fix  marks of their children  for  money !
Government  fixes  tender  for money !
Some Judges fix  verdicts after getting money !
Live kidney donors are fixed  by criminal cartels for money !
Advocates  fix  false evidence   with  money !
Police fix innocents as criminals after getting money !
Thousands of marriages are fixed  with  money after  hiding  illicit  relations !
Huge  bank loans are fixed  based on  false affidavits and  promises !
TV reality shows are fixed with mad money !
Even pilgrims fix  Darshan  time by  paying huge money !
And finally  . . . One cricketer bowled   one of  the  balls . . .wide . . . .  in one of  the  over after getting money  !
The whole world erupted !
cricket scam India
Can  there be  any justification for  justifying wrong  things in life ?
  If life is a fight between  good and evil  , I thought  it is absolutely absurd to justify  it  until recently  . . . but a  great epic of  India , Bhagawad Gita  which is considered as the  ultimate guideline for living ,differs (Or is it my perception !)
The summary of the epic goes something like this
  • Whatever happened has been good.
  • Whatever happens is good
  • Whatever will happen is also good.
Bhagavad Gita  has one more sermon  to  confuse  us ( me )  completely !
“Do your duty , do not expect any  returns and do not watch injustice silently  , protest  and fight  it with your full  potential” !
I welcome  the experts  of the Bhagawatham  to clarify me on this issue !

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