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When you  encounter  a patient  with shock and  hypotension , the first ( instinct ) response would be to  start  an  IV line and push fluids rapidly . This is more so if  the patient is a child. This is what medicine has taught us for over a century . Now this  NEJM article surprises us with  its conclusion.

The accompanying  editorial in NEJM reiterates  a  fact . . . “In medicine there is nothing called  dictum”   , what you perceive as life saving treatment  will be doing the opposite !

Such is  the fragility of  present day  medical facts.

Please  remember , in medical science  not only  the drugs  have  expiry date even  some of the  break through  concepts suffer from it . 

This study may not have  great implications for cardiologists  but the filed of cardiology is also  infested with  many such false dictum(s ) are waiting to be damned !

In this funny world . when the  scientific methods are  imperfect  ,  we have to realise  two such U turns make  the  original path right .

Similarly ,  some of  those who do  not  make the initial   path correction ultimately  travel  in  the right path !

Message to patients

Many of my patients often wonder how two diagonally opposite  views are expressed  by doctors  for a given medical  condition .  My simple answer to them is do not ever  try to understand your medical condition beyond a point , . .  .  we  our-self  have not yet  mastered it  !

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