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Atherosclerosis is an  inflammatory and degenerative disease of blood vessel.The common  belief is  (Of course , it is a fact ) it  mainly causes vascular obstruction and compromise vital organ function(heart, Brain, Kidney etc)

Here is a different facet of atherosclerosis , A middle aged man  surprised us with this  coronary angiogram .   Instead of obstructing the flow the  coronary vessel begins to dilate. This is due to a medial weakness .(The media for some reason begins to give way rather than proliferate to the atherogenic  stimuli.)

Same patient's RCA

One may wonder why he underwent CAG when obstruction is least expected in such a vessel   !  It was paradox of sorts , this man  in spite of his  wide bore coronary artery ,   was prone for coronary thrombus and one such episode landed him in our CCU . ( Please note both faces of atherosclerosis “obstructive and dilatory” can manifest in the same  vessel in different combination.)

This angiogram may be reported  as any one of the following

  • Diffuse atherosclerosis
  • Diffuse atherosclerosis with focal dilatation  and aneurysm formation
  • Coronary  ectasia

These patients should get life long  medium  intensity  (INR 2-2.5) oral  anti coagulants  for preventing coronary thrombosis.

Watch out for similar aneurysmal changes elsewhere (Renal, Cerebral, Aorta etc )

Counter point

How are so sure it is is due to atherosclerosis ?  Can it be a  congenital coronary medial weakness ?

Your guess is not my guess . . . My vote is for atherosclerosis .

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