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International Astronomical Union  in the year 2006  removed Pluto from the solar system for a simple reason ,  the so-called Pluto never revolved around  Sun , hence it ceased to be a planet of the solar system , it was more of an asteroid !

So, an astronomical fact engraved in our brains for so long  became a fairy tale. It is very hard  to erase  a  myth however solid the new evidence are against it.

The concept of HDL as good cholesterol has been etched deep in physician as well as our  patients.

Now comes the shocker from Lancet

How are we so sure ,  about these  Invisible spheres of  lipids that  move  around  our “Bio-system” in a presumed fashion .  .  .  even huge visible planets  fool us easily !

The Link to lancet study

It is  a wonderfully done study where  thousands of patients  who exhibited  genetically high HDL levels , never showed any advantage in terms of CAD prevention.  A stunning blow to a belief.

Incidentally ,  few years back  the failure of  drug Torcetrapib proved the same point  .  (The drug which elevates  HDL  proved useless in preventing CAD  ) but the  medical world failed to interpret it properly.

I am sure, still sections of physician  community would continue to believe HDL is great molecule for CAD protection !

Science is  often what we presume . . . but the fact usually turns out to be some thing  else !  but the journey towards truth  must continue !

                      When  a  million tonne  Pluto  suddenly disappear from Solar system . . . it is not a  big deal for  a  “miniscule medical myth”   to get shattered !

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