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It is well-known sexual arousal and activity is a powerful hemodynamic stress .In the healthy persons it is never an issue .In fact there is data to suggest sexually active men and women live longer.

But , in patients with cardiac risk factors or an established coronary event unrestricted  sex can be a risk factor for CAD.

There needs to be a distinction  between a coronary risk factor and a coronary  trigger .Trigger is an  immediate switch  for a coronary event in a  patient with  baseline risk profile .It is highly unlikely triggers alone can  cause an ACS .There need to be risky substrate.

Extra marital sex could be such a trigger in some .(Both male and female)

  • The sexual activity performed with guilt  has  more powerful risk.
  • First time offenders
  • New  partners
  • New environment

All of the above are  supposed to increase  the risk .

The mechanism  attributable is  a   sudden adrenergic  surge  which inappropriately high when compared to marital sex . In conservative societies , the effort taken to hide the illicit relationship   is much more stressful than the event itself. And hence these men and women carry on their new-found coronary risk for longer periods.




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