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When  I was suggesting a middle-aged business man who has suffered a massive MI,  though recovering   he seemed to be a depressing man.He was  still fuming about the illness.

I told him he has  in fact recovered faster than others , he has  to believe  in himself , concentrate on his work  and take these medicine regularly .Finally , I told him to develop the will power which is vital,

will power

After the scheduled consultation , he thanked me , before leaving  he asked me candidly and jokingly   ,every thing is fine doctor ,  which pharmacy sells that will power ?

I stopped him at the door , “It is  not sold  anywhere , it is  lying  dormant  right inside your brain store . You have to just do the shopping , which is open 24/7  and best  part is it is always available free of charge and unlimited too !

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I  advised him to have a look at the  Speaking tree  from Times of India which has  so many resources and surely he can acquire will power  in  plenty !

speaking tree

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