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Who is the guiding the guidelines, which have become omnipresent & omnipotent ?

I don’t know really. Some good people I guess. But, the doubt creeps in when they try to coerce it on us.

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Today is one of the most auspicious days in Indian traditional festive time. Saraswathi pooja, a celebration of the Goddess of knowledge and education. I would like to share one of the all-time great quotes on learning from Thiruvalluvar a sage poet who lived in the southern Indian state of (mine), Tamil Nadu in 4th -5th century BC  2500 years ago.

 This Thirukural number 391 in the chapter of education goes on like this. (In the Tamil Language)

In English

Karka, Kasadara, Karpavai , Katrapin,

Nirka , Atharkku Thaga !

It says

Karka : Learn

Kasadara: Here comes the punch. Kasadara means pure.  He says simple learning is not at all-sufficient. One has to learn from good sources, learn deep that should be devoid of errors, contaminations, and falsehoods.

Karpavai  : Thus you learn all lessons in life meticulously.

Katrapin:  So, after this hard and enlightened learning, what we should do?  He answers next.

Nirka Atharkku Thaga: This means , don’t just stop with learning, follow it with action in a righteous way. Unless we do that he warns to conclude ( in another poem in the same chapter) there is no purpose of learning itself and we are again at risk of becoming illiterates.

So, what does this Thirukural teach the Nobel professionals who follow cutting edge medical research?

I think I need not elaborate . . . Acquiring knowledge and true learning has become two different processes.

It’s just a sample of one kural (Quote) among 1330 poetic quotes written in 133 chapters by this great philosopher of Tamil Nadu who shared the same timeline with Aristotle and Socrates of ancient Greece 5000 miles west of India. For those ,If you are interested in his monumental work on literature which can be referred to as the manual for effective living  (I wish to call it as “Standard operating protocol”  for human life)  please follow the link.

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*When I tried to condense three decades of my learning into the medical profession in three lines, I scribbled this. Sorry folks, if It doesn’t sound scientific for some of you! 

By the way, What is successful medical practice? Success for the Doctor, patient or both?  The answer to this question is never simple. 




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When  I was suggesting a middle-aged business man who has suffered a massive MI,  though recovering   he seemed to be a depressing man.He was  still fuming about the illness.

I told him he has  in fact recovered faster than others , he has  to believe  in himself , concentrate on his work  and take these medicine regularly .Finally , I told him to develop the will power which is vital,

will power

After the scheduled consultation , he thanked me , before leaving  he asked me candidly and jokingly   ,every thing is fine doctor ,  which pharmacy sells that will power ?

I stopped him at the door , “It is  not sold  anywhere , it is  lying  dormant  right inside your brain store . You have to just do the shopping , which is open 24/7  and best  part is it is always available free of charge and unlimited too !

drugs and thoughts modern medicine psychology mind power healing faith will power 003

I  advised him to have a look at the  Speaking tree  from Times of India which has  so many resources and surely he can acquire will power  in  plenty !

speaking tree

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  It costs just one Dollor !

Harvard school of Public health has  recently  published some  hard data about  the adverse effects of bad diet habits especially the impact of  soft drinks on long term cardio vascular health.

soft drinks and impact on healthAnother prestigious journal confirms it . . .

risk of soft drinks and coronary artery diseaseThe ultimate journal for the cardiologists Circulation reaffirms it .

soft drinks carbonated and coronary artery diseaseWe  have overwhelming evidence , prolonged use of soft drinks
increase CAD (Like tobacco ). Still , we haven’t added the customary caution on the bottles of these soft drinks ?

Why  ?

My guess would be, there are powerful forces in  modern society that would love to keep  the  threat of diseases high in the  human domain  so that all  stake holders  make a profit .

The poor , World health instigation(WHO)  and various public health forums  simply watch it .If they protest , they are at risk of sucked into the loop of deceit !

Failure to reverse public health hazards  may be a  lesser crime  in modern days  . . . But , here comes  a series of  advertisements in Indian media , that is a strong indicator that human  intellect and the sixth sense  is going nuts !

It suggests , Do you want  ever lasting happiness . . . Drink  it  . . . earnestly believe  in it  . . . and drink again  !


I was also told  a shocking fact that , The beverage war in India has  started and the soft drink giants have heavily Invested to take it into the rural markets .Their aim is to  provide  “health  for all Indians”  by 2020 !

Concluding question

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Today , November 2nd 2013 is Deepawali , Nearly 1 billion people  celebrate it


Wishing you all happy and Deepawali , Let goodness and wisdom prevail over evil and Ignorance !

Deepawali  is an ancient  festival of lights , millions  of Hindus celebrate It with sanctity.

It is a  war on darkness and ignorance .On this day goodness  prevailed  over evil (Asura)

Unfortunately , In the current versions , it would seem  Asura’s also join Deepawali celebrations and enjoy  it with more vigor !  which is supposed to eliminate them !

Please ensure , that doesn’t  happen . . . at least in your domain ! 

God is supreme  . . .  he will  never allow  the evil  to take over the world !  Be a soldier to God’s  Army !

*For more about this great Hindu festival click on the Link here Deepawali

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News : In any developed nation , 90 % of  total  health expenditure is  exhausted in prolonging  final few days of  human  life !

When cost of dying   . . .  exceeds cost of living   . . . this world will go nuts !

The current real world  experience  from India’s  five star  hospitals  indicate,  many elderly rich men and women  spend their  last few days  before being buried or burnt  .They spent an average of 15 lakh Rs per death . This amounts to the entire  “life time” cost of living   of  majority of Indians .

modern medicine art living and dying

Image courtesy from Flicker/ Rachel sian photostream

When   human organ donation is considered  a greatest philanthropic act, there is one more excellent alternative for those who can’t do it .If only every super rich translate  their cost of dying  into  cost of  others living !   many new lives  will bloom .

The exorbitant rise in  cost of  dying  in India ,  is a recent development and reflects the affluence , honor , pride and of course lots of prejudice lack of wisdom ! Instead of filling the  deep  pockets of greedy  corporates why not the rich add new  lives   ?  !

Final message

Let all elders  with irreversible conditions , who have finished their life , shall  die peacefully at home .Why don’t we ( Affluent  .  . . would  be cadavers !)  cross sponsor their dying cost to a  public  health , nutrition or medical fund .

After thought

Oh America ,  . . .  Am I right  ,?  Obama thought it and implementing it too !  I would believe , his health care policy is  a  small first step in this  direction  !

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I guess ,the art of delivering medical lectures is gradually deteriorating . This is not because of lack of young brains in teaching profession .It is primarily due to onslaught of technology  and multiple  scattered source of knowledge . I do remember some of my physiology  professors take class  in  the first year medical school  in the early 1980s  .

I wonder  I  could go back in time machine to hear the voice of Dr Kieth who delivered this grand lecture of anatomy of heart in the year 1918 .in the famed auditorium of  Royal college of surgeons . We should profusely than the BMJ for providing the text of that lecture free to us in  almost 100 years later.

By the way  . . .  for those who do not know  ,  Kieth is one of the inventor of SA node the pacemaker of the heart .




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Medical science and commerce grow hand in hand .  Many believe   the field  of   medicine has  ceased to be a pure  science long ago . Both are mutually inclusive . We have no other option ! If there is no commercial interest   . . .Who will fund cardiology research ?  Then  . . . How are you going to  develop a biological pacemaker or  the  eagerly  awaited  total artificial heart ?

Without involvement of the commercial forces ,  no break through is possible . If you take medical science  , majority of growth has occurred by the motivational force of  medical industry  . Here is an  exclusive website for sub specialty called cardiopulmonary business .

But do we  have  the  medical research in safe hands ?

Why  a  hastily  developed  cardiac  device enter  the human domain and recalled within 2 years  fearing grave Injury   ?

Why a drug known to cause serious side effect was purposefully  blinded with a hidden agenda  till the drug earns a  billion or two ?

What is in store for future generations  ?

When the profession is at the mercy of  forces other than  patient care as a primary aim  there is every reason for it  go awry and  become   a dangerous health hazard  . If any medical professional   who does not see this , as an important issue  for man kind ,  requires a rebooting for reality  !

Public should realise , what they often get  in the name of science  is  a huge  human body trial and victims of   biological  shopping  . It has   wide-ranging  Implication . It is ironical , we are in a piquant  situation , where   our bio-system   has to  fight not only against  the  diseases but also  the misplaced scientific methodology  and fraudulent practices.


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