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Medical science and commerce grow hand in hand .  Many believe   the field  of   medicine has  ceased to be a pure  science long ago . Both are mutually inclusive . We have no other option ! If there is no commercial interest   . . .Who will fund cardiology research ?  Then  . . . How are you going to  develop a biological pacemaker or  the  eagerly  awaited  total artificial heart ?

Without involvement of the commercial forces ,  no break through is possible . If you take medical science  , majority of growth has occurred by the motivational force of  medical industry  . Here is an  exclusive website for sub specialty called cardiopulmonary business .

But do we  have  the  medical research in safe hands ?

Why  a  hastily  developed  cardiac  device enter  the human domain and recalled within 2 years  fearing grave Injury   ?

Why a drug known to cause serious side effect was purposefully  blinded with a hidden agenda  till the drug earns a  billion or two ?

What is in store for future generations  ?

When the profession is at the mercy of  forces other than  patient care as a primary aim  there is every reason for it  go awry and  become   a dangerous health hazard  . If any medical professional   who does not see this , as an important issue  for man kind ,  requires a rebooting for reality  !

Public should realise , what they often get  in the name of science  is  a huge  human body trial and victims of   biological  shopping  . It has   wide-ranging  Implication . It is ironical , we are in a piquant  situation , where   our bio-system   has to  fight not only against  the  diseases but also  the misplaced scientific methodology  and fraudulent practices.


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