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*When I tried to condense three decades of my learning into the medical profession in three lines, I scribbled this. Sorry folks, if It doesn’t sound scientific for some of you! 

By the way, What is successful medical practice? Success for the Doctor, patient or both?  The answer to this question is never simple. 




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We owe a lot  , to  our ancestors for making our  journey   smooth  and purposeful   in  our  pursuit ,   of   healing the   mankind  . It is because of their  meticulous  clinical acumen , passion  , dedication ,sacrifice we are enjoying  the fruits  of success .

Though there are thousands of them , one life that always fascinates  me is that of Harvey Cushing. His fame went  to dizzy heights  after his publication of  biography of William Osler .

A book every medical  professional must read and cherish especially the elite cardiologists !

I wonder  ,what  Harvey Cushing  ,  if alive would make  a difference  in the current  world of medical  science contaminated with commerce ,  hyped up technology ,  and  the near extinct bed side clinical skills.

Links to life of Harvey Cushing http://www.med.yale.edu/library/historical/cushing/peter.html

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