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We owe a lot  , to  our ancestors for making our  journey   smooth  and purposeful   in  our  pursuit ,   of   healing the   mankind  . It is because of their  meticulous  clinical acumen , passion  , dedication ,sacrifice we are enjoying  the fruits  of success .

Though there are thousands of them , one life that always fascinates  me is that of Harvey Cushing. His fame went  to dizzy heights  after his publication of  biography of William Osler .

A book every medical  professional must read and cherish especially the elite cardiologists !

I wonder  ,what  Harvey Cushing  ,  if alive would make  a difference  in the current  world of medical  science contaminated with commerce ,  hyped up technology ,  and  the near extinct bed side clinical skills.

Links to life of Harvey Cushing http://www.med.yale.edu/library/historical/cushing/peter.html

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