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Coronary artery stenting  , many consider  as the 2nd revolution in cardiology after   the invention of  cardiac catheterisation .  Millions of angioplasties  take  place  world wide every year .  Suddenly it would appear that medical therapy  was forcibly  thrown  out into the  bin .This in spite of  the fact there is no  major difference in ultimate CAD outcome in the long term between PCI and medical  therapy in chronic CAD.

The COURAGE trial which gave a renewed lease of life to medical therapy , was  severely criticized by the interventionists. 5 years after the COURAGE  the inappropriate stent usage continues unabated.

The term inappropriate usage ,  some how undermines the seriousness of the issue.  Few realise  the fact , inappropriate usage  actually amounts to  mal-practice or  an act of  medical  negligence (Guideline  violation)   which deserve  a strong  condemnation .

The general media is just been exposed to the tip of the Iceberg  (Not even the tip !) At least in USA and other developed countries  they  have systematic data  about  the usage of stents. In a country like India  . . .less said is better. There are many  like  Dr Mark  Midei  camouflaged  in every country.

More pro active Media is required like the ones below.

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