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How to manage multi -vessel CAD in STEMI ?

In this era of explosive information  , we rarely get clear-cut answers to  our  problems.

There are rare  exceptions . Here is an wonderful  review article on the issue of multi-vessel CAD  during STEMI. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles)   Especially  heartening ,   is the way the article concludes . It can not be more crisp than this !

Conclusion (Reproduced from the above article )

  •  Single-vessel acute PCI should be the default strategy (to treat only the IRA during the acute phase of STEMI).
  • Acute multi-vessel PCI can be justified only in haemo-dynamically  unstable patients with multiple truly critical (90%) lesions.
  • Significant lesions of the non-culprit arteries should be treated either medically or by staged revascularization procedures— both options are currently acceptable.

In-spite of the clearest possible guidelines   there  are frequent   debates  going on  for aggressive approach  to non IRA  lesions in hemo-dynamically  stable patients  as well  !  Many of the  learned cardiologists are calling for a  a  “legal violation”  of above guidelines !

The term staged primary PCI (Non IRA)  is often misused  . One such strategy is  rescheduling the non IRA PCI by 24 to 48 hours  later  than  the primary  ira PCI.  This  enables  us to violate the guidelines silently   . Please mind , the excess morbidity of non IRA PCI is due to the altered hemo -rheology which is expected to persist for at least few weeks !

I have recently come across a  cardiologist performing RCA PCI on Monday and LAD PCI (A 70 % lesion )  on Wednesday in a hemo-dynamically stable inferior STEMI ( Incidentally , he  felt  no guilt  , as  he was   ignorant about  existence of such  guidelines . In fact ,  he wanted to finish both angioplasties  on the same sitting  . It seems  he had to defer  the LAD  PCI   to Wednesday as the initial insurance  limit was exceeded   .

I do not want to dwell into another  unfortunate story  , as  this   patient had  to borrow  Rs 1.25lakh for  his life saving second stent  !

Final message

Come on   . . . let us violate the primary PCI guidelines . . . after all , our patients do not know the reality !


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