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In 1960 , exactly 50 years ago , a group of doctors from Jhon Hopkins published their observation in 20 cases. It went on to become , one of the most remarkable discovery  in the history of cardiology .

They taught us how to use  a pair of hand  ,  as an  artificial  heart and save lives

They are . . .

  1. Dr Kouwenhoven*
  2. Dr  James R. Jude, and
  3. Dr G. Guy Knickerbocker .

* He was not a medical doctor but an electrical engineer at Hopkins but he worked in the medical school as well .

They meticulously documented , each patient’s case history ,  whom they were able to successfully revive , (It was in the same  period , the  AC/DC shock was also invented  in the  Hopkins ) .One of  the  highlights of their paper was ,  with each chest compression  they were  able to elevate the carotid pressure  up to 90mmhg and was recorded in a pressure tracing .

We have to thank the  JAMA (Journal  of American medial   association )  for  making this  original  article   available  free in their website .

Must read for every cardiologist


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