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Platelets  are the major culprits in initiating arterial thrombus.Platelet  inhibition is  the key  modality  to treat /prevent  acute and chronic coronary syndromes. It is  an approved indication for primary and secondary prevention of CAD.

Anti platelet  agents are the biggest drug  market among the cardiac drugs. It is  a billion dollar  medical game  played  with two  million  human  platelets !

Aspirin is the best anti-platelet agent known .It is not only most effective but also  available at a fraction of the cost other  drugs. Unfortunately  it is  a generic and not a patented one .Being cheap  ,   good safety profile  is the biggest  disadvantage of aspirin  !  So ,  consistent efforts were made to make this drug appear weaker. Hence came many new anti-platelet agents .

After analyzing  the available literature ,  I have compiled the following conclusions ( Mostly biased observation ! but I strongly believe the  bias is more  towards truth . . . )

All of the following statements can be termed either  true ,were true , believed to be true may  be  true ,  at some point of time  (Between the  last decade and today !)

  1. Aspirin alone is good enough in both  ACS and chronic CAD
  2. Clopidogrel is   equally effective like aspirin in ACS.
  3. Aspirin alone is dangerous in ACS.
  4. Clopidogrel alone is more  dangerous than aspirin alone in ACS,
  5. Aspirin + Clopidogrel  provides the best anti-platelet  action.
  6. Aspirin + Clopidogrel combination is still dangerous .
  7. Prasugrel is more effective than clopidogrel
  8. Prasugrel can never be as effective as aspirin *
  9. Never use clopidogrel alone in DES patient.
  10. Aspirin can be safe in most stented patients
  11. Mono platelet inhibition is a crime !
  12. Risk of  sudden death continues to be significant in spite of dual antiplatelet agents in many with DES.
  13. For prasugrel to be  really useful  it should always be prescribed with aspirin.
  14. Prasugrel alone can be dangerous in stented patients.
  15. If the patient is  getting heparin  simultaneously none of the above seems to be  really  important (Of course all patients with ACS will be getting this )

Above are my inferences in all those trials on platelets in the last three decades

What do you infer  ?

To  a discerned reader all of the above statements  may appear wrong   !

*Finally , it looks to me  both clopidogrel and prasugrel ride  a fake  ride on the shoulders of trusted war horse called Aspirin . There is  a strong basis for this  suspicion  as none of the researchers are ready to do a one to one direct comparison between aspirin and prasugrel  or clopidogrel !

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