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A 50-year-old man was referred to us with suspected  angina. Here is his ECG.

Epicardial fat : One more cause for Low voltage QRS

He was an obese man weighing 105 Kgs. He was put on a tread mill  .It  was convincingly  negative .
The echo cardiogram revealed a prominent epicardial pad of  fat measuring 6mm throughout the anterior surface.He had  normal valves and normal myocardial function.It was concluded the low voltage and poor R waves , and T wave inversion was due to the thick epicardial fat.

ECG -Fat correlation

The lack of R wave progression  is attributable  to the insulation effect of fat .Chest wall fat rarely dampen the electricity .Epicardial fat does it more.T wave inversion may not be  due to dampening effect of fat  .We think epicardial fat when adherent to true pericardial surface of the heart it alters  the epicardial  action potential  .It is possible  electrical  neutralisation by the fatty infiltration of epicardium  reverses the direction  of repolarisation  towards the epicardium .

Other ECG manifestation of thick  epicardial  fat

  • Poor R wave progression
  • Anterior Q waves
  • T wave inversion in ;leads v1 to v4 or V5

Final message
Epicardial fat deposits can have clinically  important influence on the surface ECG recording .
Simple chest wall obesity causes only diminutive  R wave . If fat encircles epicardium it has high chances of  producing repolarisation   abnormalities  in the form of T wave inversion or flattish   ST segment.

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