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There are about 5000 medical journals ,  churning out tens of thousands of articles every month .Most of these  papers  come from developed world where publication is made mandatory to get a medical  degree . So it is not surprising  to find   proliferation of medical journals .

Publishing a paper is strictly monitored by a peer reviewing system in most journals . But , it is also a fact an article rejected  out right  by a journal , invariably appear in some other journal.

There is a joke going around among medical researchers,  if it is difficult to get your article published in a  journal , you start your own journal . . .It is much easier !

Where is the problem ?

Further  , bulk of current day research work is sponsored by drug and device companies .It is possible these papers may have 100% acceptance rate.

Brighter side

Even in this scenario , it is heartening to find  occasional  excellent  academic  treasures  and landmark research articles .

How common is irrelevant , pseudo , futile  , clinical research  articles  published  in medical journals  today ?

I agree , I  have prejudiced  view  on this issue . I  would like to know am I  really wrong ? What is your take on this issue ?

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