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Human beings can defy fate  in a regular fashion as the  modern science is exploding and creating   infinite possibilities !

  • We can give a fresh  life to a dying man by  multiple organ transplants just like changing  a crashed mother board in a PC !
  • We can isolate vital germ cells , fuse them, clone them and even  create new form of life !
  • We can  keep a man in deep coma  for years and bring back to life !

Still , a sudden cardiac death that happens in a remote place in an unexpected manner is still in the God’s domain ! Cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death is the  most common mode of acute human loss in our planet .(Read a link :Ignorance based cardiology )

When  the heart goes for convulsions due to electrical  instability , the only solution is immediate  CPR followed by electrical shock .All you require is about 200 j of electrical energy over the chest .This is to achieved within 5-10 minutes.How and where do you get that energy in that short time span ? Is 911/108 services that efficient ?

*Can your fully charged  mobile phone  deliver it ?  Unfortunately not yet !

Public access AEDs (Automatic external defibrillator) are there in many  commercial places.But ,they are not  universal and foolproof.

Come 2015, we have a marvel of a technology waiting  to happen !

How about delivering  a light weight  defibrillator through a drone  ?   to the exact place where it is needed .With the accuracy of GPS  technology  steadily improving , a self powered , auto- responding drones from a near by base station  is a reality .

flying defibrillator aed sudden cardiac cpr

This drone . . . delivers life !

All that is required is a phone call . The drone with defibrillator is  delivered  in few minutes .Of course , a bystander help is required .An experimental pilot project is being tried in Holland What a break through it could be when  its stream lined ?

Man proposes ,God  disposes ” so sure it is !  Are we close to challenge the super power ?

It is said , modern men will play god in near future with perfection.Can it ever be like this ? “God proposes and  man disposes ?  No . . . it can never be!  If a drone comes from nowhere to save a human life, it is also an act of God ,through a   “Human enriched  technology.

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