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Human beings can defy fate  in a regular fashion as the  modern science is exploding and creating   infinite possibilities !

  • We can give a fresh  life to a dying man by  multiple organ transplants just like changing  a crashed mother board in a PC !
  • We can isolate vital germ cells , fuse them, clone them and even  create new form of life !
  • We can  keep a man in deep coma  for years and bring back to life !

Still , a sudden cardiac death that happens in a remote place in an unexpected manner is still in the God’s domain ! Cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death is the  most common mode of acute human loss in our planet .(Read a link :Ignorance based cardiology )

When  the heart goes for convulsions due to electrical  instability , the only solution is immediate  CPR followed by electrical shock .All you require is about 200 j of electrical energy over the chest .This is to achieved within 5-10 minutes.How and where do you get that energy in that short time span ? Is 911/108 services that efficient ?

*Can your fully charged  mobile phone  deliver it ?  Unfortunately not yet !

Public access AEDs (Automatic external defibrillator) are there in many  commercial places.But ,they are not  universal and foolproof.

Come 2015, we have a marvel of a technology waiting  to happen !

How about delivering  a light weight  defibrillator through a drone  ?   to the exact place where it is needed .With the accuracy of GPS  technology  steadily improving , a self powered , auto- responding drones from a near by base station  is a reality .

flying defibrillator aed sudden cardiac cpr

This drone . . . delivers life !

All that is required is a phone call . The drone with defibrillator is  delivered  in few minutes .Of course , a bystander help is required .An experimental pilot project is being tried in Holland What a break through it could be when  its stream lined ?

Man proposes ,God  disposes ” so sure it is !  Are we close to challenge the super power ?

It is said , modern men will play god in near future with perfection.Can it ever be like this ? “God proposes and  man disposes ?  No . . . it can never be!  If a drone comes from nowhere to save a human life, it is also an act of God ,through a   “Human enriched  technology.

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An  article , I stumbled upon recently  discusses why American health care is  in deep trouble. There is a huge variation in the health care costs across the country. The article goes on to reveal  ,   a  simple  Appendicectomy can  cost  anywhere between 7500   to 1,70000 $  in different hospitals in USA.  (In India it costs  1000 $  in  any  star hospital !)

The fundamental flaw is   treatment  being the same ,   it is delivered in such a  fashion ,  the cost incurred is  kept ridiculously high.

It is akin to comparing  a 10 dollar  lunch to a 1000 dollar feast , both  ultimately  fulfills a  purpose ,   relive the hunger effectively

while , the later can  damage the country’s economy  in a variety of ways !


Car makers automate the industry with Robots to   reduce  the  human labor and  cost of a vehicle ,  while medical industry does the opposite   . . .  privileged few get their appendix removed with a help of metal hand  !

Final message

Modern medicine must  aim to improve the quality  of  care  with a   positive impact  at a reasonable cost . In the name of cutting edge technologies ,  it  should not raise  the medical bill in a meaningless  fashion .This is meager exploitation of  human suffering.

It is  hilarious to note  certain medical  Robots* are primarily  made to assist  surgeon  for which  no assistance is required at all !  (I heard a story about a  Robot  which responds  to voice command   and pass on a   knife  for cutting and a gauze for wiping ! What a great medical discovery !)


*  Of course  Robots (Cyber knifes )   may have a role  in some rare surgeries which require high precision  cutting  especially in  Neuro  ,  Vascular ,  oncological  surgeries.

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I recall the guilty days during my fellowship  where many lives were lost due to delayed or  faulty intubation  in patients with cardiogenic shock. If only these devices were available those days  . . .

It is ironical , why we took such a long time to make a  scope  to see a structure just beneath the oral cavity ,  while we were able to see remote  duodenum and jejunum  with video  scope  some 25 years ago !

Another device ,  which will come as handy would be the rapid bed side measurement of Aortic dimension .

Image courtesy : Verathan

It doesn’t require an expertise of a sonographer I believe .

Both these innovation come from  Verathan


Video Laryngoscope  &  Aortic Scan


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