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What are the determinants of  dissecting  path   in Aortic dissection ?


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Aortic dissection is  taught to us as a dramatic cardiac emergency where the blood  enters one of the planes of aortic wall and travels  in a random way . The wrong way blood instead of flowing within the lumen invades the vessel wall .(Vascular Tsunami ?) It may (or may not) leave the aorta at a distance resulting in various combinations of true and false lumen. Much like a tsumani  its also triggered by an energy releasing  blood pressure spikes hitting on the weakened  aortic wall rupturing the Intima. While acute dissection are often dramatic chronic dissection can be more subtle clinically.

Apart from the site of entry , blood pressure , condition of aortic vessel wall , there seems to be an invisible force that direct the dissecting tract.How it spares or compromises the arch vessels in selected few , as it travels down remain a mystery . If we can predict and track the plane of dissection by any means with computational  hemodynamic models , that will help us plan strategies. Beta blockers are used to reduce the shearing pressure , and emergency surgery is required in many type A dissections.


aortic dissection animation stanford a b classification 002

Do we see a “mini” Interventional opportunity here  ? To arrest or direct the dissecting tracts  into less benign zone. Shall we deploy an emergency  metal ring barrier  just proximal to aortic arch in Type A or  just above renal arteries in type B to prevent vital organ compromise ? This procedure can  be done fast , instead  planning a  elaborate endovascular intervention which is logistically difficult in  arch vessel dissection .This could also act as a bridge to definitive surgery. (Can we compare this with  bush fire fighting which are tamed by c0ntroled artificial fire lines and thus  avoiding spread to residential areas ! )

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