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Platelets are humble blood cells that  roam  in clusters and guard  against  any  bleeding in internal organs. Though it has natural powers to regulate itself  against aggregation at inappropriate sites , certain high risk individuals need to take these drugs to prevent cardiac event. Patients  who harbor intra-coronary foreign bodies like stents  need more intense antiplatelet  regimens.

We have variety of antiplatlet drugs. Aspirin does it  by blocking  COX. It is irreversible .Clopidgrel does this differently by inhibiting  P2 Y12 receptors .Clopidogrel has been used extensively in India. Some brands of it are many folds costly as well !

A curious encounter

A certain patient with a stable CAD,  from higher strata  of society was offended when I replaced his long term  prescription of Plavix(Clopidogrel)  with Aspirin.His major humiliation was  this  new drug costs just  50 paise ! He suggested  to me  ,  it is huge insult to him  as his driver also takes the same medication !

What does pride  do in platelet inhibition I tried to explain him  ?

He was amused !

I asked him to go elsewhere , to any star-rated , upscale health suit  nearby to fulfill his wishes !

The above event happened few years ago . I am just posting it from by diary .

Final message

In this unequal world , prestige comes to play even in illness and the drugs they take ! I wonder, how prevalent, is the issue of pride  in our patient’s mind that decide  the treatment modality  in modern day medial care !

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