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Is this child with Eisenmenger operable or not ?

The answer to this question is  debated for many decades . The old school of thought was  grown with meticulous cath study (Pioneered by Paul wood and his team ) .Calculating PVR is academically fascinating . With  so  many  variables,  assumptions and too much dynamism in a circulatory system , It has never been proven as a  gold standard .

The presence of following  factors points to  possible advantage for  shunt closure .

  1. Pink Eisenengers ( Complete  lack of   clinical  cyanosis   )
  2. Clinically mild cyanosis  but  Oxygen saturation   nearing 92 %  (We  have seen an occasional  patient  with 98 % )
  3. If Echo shows  a dilated left atrium and left ventricle (VSD,PDA) it indicates a significant L-R shunt.
  4. Lack of septal bulge towards  LV (This Indicates  RV has  still  some  useful life in it ! )
  5. Pulmonary  flow velocity > 1.5m/sec indicates fairly good flow across RVOT (Qp/Qs calculation is  almost impossible in bi-drectional shunt )
  6. Pulmonary artery diastolic pressure  <  3o mmhg
  7. Pulmonary artery pulse pressure > 50mmhg

*Oxygen, Tolazoline test in cath lab has  limited value.

**Temporary balloon occlusion and watching  for reversibility is not useful (As fall in PAP and  PVR is a long term affairs )

Final message

Scientific cardiologists may feel awkward  to read this message .

  • With mortality for shunt closure in   Eisenmenger  reaches  nearly 50 %  ,  it is essentially a 50-50 guess game !
  • We  often depend on our collective  clinical acumen (Also called as  Gut  feeling   . . .”I some how feel  this child will do well ! “
  • Most  importantly  surgeon’s  experience and expertise would  finally prevail  over cardiologist !

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